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To be the trusted company in alternative energy solutions, energy storage and cell rejuvenation market.



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Our Experience

Our years of experience in the field of lead acid battery reconditioning suggest that in order to recover the lost potential of any failed lead acid battery one needs access to a battery power recovery technology that is reliable, efficient and effective. We have accomplished this by developing a technology that is grounded in the science of electro-chemistry.

From a chemical point of view we have developed a solution that recovers the lost potential of any lead acid battery due to sulfation buildup. This chemical reaction can be understood in two parts. The first part of our chemical process is to dismantle the hard lead sulfate crystals (PbSO4 or sulfation buildup) as the battery gets re-polarize (charged). The second part of our chemical process is to allow re-assembly of the lead sulfate particle in a molecular structure that will not harden again. This occurs during discharging of the battery as it is under a load or discharge.

    Why BSI Renew?

    Our technology and batteries have stood the test of time. Our rejuvenated batteries have been providing back-up energy for many years now to leading telecom service providers.

    Our battery brands are well known throughout the battery industry, are well maintained and provide satisfactory power backup solutions for any client and application.

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